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Matt Dreesen, best lawyer, top lawyer in St. Louis, MO and Chesterfield, MO Matt Dreesen has great experience in FELA, Amtrak, and Railroad Employee Cancer, injury, and death Cases and Amtrak Train Crossing Accidents. Matt Dreesen is also a Top Winning Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer, and Great Personal Injury Lawyer.

Matt Dreesen, Dreesen Law Firm | St. Louis, MO, Chesterfield, MO
Top Lawyer for Amtrak Cancer Cases,
Best Local Personal Injury Lawyer,
Top Wrongful Death Lawyer,
and Top Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer.

Matt Dreesen

Matt Dreesen is widely regarded as a top trial attorney, due in large part to his tenacity and straightforward approach. His compassion and focus on meeting client needs is matched only by his drive to obtain the best results.

With over 26 years of experience in the areas of personal injury, nursing home negligence and abuse, wrongful death, treatment center negligence, truck accidents, and swimming pool accidents, he has the experience and expertise to get his clients the compensation that they deserve.

Having served as a state prosecutor as well as a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve JAG Corps, Mr. Dreesen has dedicated his life to protecting others and upholding public safety, in – and out – of the courtroom.

Mr. Dreesen received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln in 1990 and his Law Degree from Tulsa University Law School in 1992.

Matt Dreesen Will Fight for Justice In Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Cases.​

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    ​Matt Dreesen Has Helped Amtrak Employees Collect Millions in Compensation. He is an expert in FELA Injury Cases.

    Matt Dreesen can help clients with railroad whistleblower cases and retaliation, FELA injury claims, train passenger rail collisions and accidents, and railroad crossing accidents.  He is an experienced lawyer who has won settlements for both current and former railroad employee cancer, injury, and death claims. 

    Amtrak Employee Injury and Cancer Compensation Cases

    Amtrak Employee Injury and Cancer Compensation Cases

    Railroad Crossing Accident Cases

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    Auto / Trucking Accidents


    Nursing Home / Elder Neglect or Abuse


    Slip & Fall


    Drug Treatment Center Negligence

    Swimming Pool Accidents

    Wrongful Death



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